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A Change Do You Good

It`s been said that the only thing that`s constant in universe is change. Driven by the fact that we`re always trying to offer better user experience for the visitors on our site we did a couple of small changes to keep things easier for both you and us.

We really didn`t expect to have such a great resonance on our „Proximet“ Site Template freebie and now we decided to make the access to it a lot easier.

There is no need to become a „Free Member“ to download the freebie anymore. You just need to socialize with us on one of the 3 offered social networks and there you have it.

socialize with us

If you`re also interested in recieving newsletters from us and being informed of our next releases, discounts and other cool actions you will still be able to subscribe. The form can be found in the „footer“ of the page as well as in „sidebar“.

Very soon will also offer another freebie, a simple, but effective WP theme that will be free to download on More info will be available soon!

Don`t forget to check back for more!


Current „Free Members“ will still be able to log in to their accounts till 1. August 2013. After that date accounts will be closed and all the data will be deleted. Free members that subscribed for newsletter will naturally remain subscribers and are free to unsubscribe at any time.

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