Using The Best WordPress Translation Plugin To Go Multilingual

Searching for the best WordPress translation plugin to create a multilingual WordPress site?

With almost 75% of the Internet’s 4,159,440,684+ users speaking a language other than English, going multilingual is essential to help you reach as big an audience as possible.

Creating a multilingual website might sound intimidating, but with the best WordPress translation plugin in tow, you’ll be able to create a working multilingual website with just a few minutes of work.

In this post, we’ll share more about the benefits of translating WordPress. Then, we’ll teach you how to use Weglot, the best WordPress translation plugin, to translate your website. This method will work with all the Anariel Design themes – we’ll use the Zeko non-profit theme to prove it!

Creating A Charity WordPress Site: Your Complete Guide

Creating a website for your charity or nonprofit can be a daunting task, but with WordPress, it’s a remarkably straightforward and affordable process. Whether you’re building a website for the first time, or are a seasoned pro, there are always ways of making the website creation process easier: that’s what this guide can help you with.

This is your complete non-profit and charity WordPress guide. We’ll cover everything you need to know, from why you should choose WordPress, to choosing a charity WordPress theme, to adding extra functionality with plugins, to building out your content.