Liber – Premium Restaurant & Bar WordPress Theme

How many times have you seen themes claiming to be multi-purpose lately?

It seems there is a flood of multi-purpose themes in today’s market. However, I still have a hard time understanding what actually this multi-purpose phrase in theme world means. If it means that the theme can be used for any purpose, then every theme is multi-purpose by default.

We at Anariel Design don’t see much weight in the multi-purpose hype other then marketing. So, we continue to develop high quality themes that focus on a certain niche, but do it properly. Therefore, today we are proud to announce our brand new premium niche WordPress theme we named Liber.

Refresh Your Blog With “Lolipop” WordPress Theme

Not so long ago most blog sites used to look quite generic and bloggers sole focus was on the content. The content is, without a doubt, still a king and so should be, but modern, high quality, mobile friendly responsive design became an important factor for enhancing user experience and even more crucial for SEO.

“Didi” – Stylish and Modern WordPress Theme

Style Up Your Blog with “Didi”

Content is, without a doubt, the most important part of any blog. Presenting that content in the best light possible is therefore the sole purpose of a good theme. “Didi” is a premium modern WordPress theme that will bring your content to life. With its clean modern layout and beautiful typography it easily draws and keeps readers focus on the content. There are no jumping or moving columns or any unneeded flashy effects that only compete for readers attention. Just a well thought out, logical and SEO friendly layout that make reading experience a joy.

“Veggie” – Premium WordPress Theme for Blogging Gourmands

Blogging Theme With Tasty Content

“Veggie” is in many ways one very special WordPress theme. It is versatile theme that is perfectly suited for food-related sites. From recipe collections to food blogs or magazine-style sites. Beside being premium modern theme for bloggers, it comes with real and delicious demo content.