Distinctive design for unique people

Hi, i’d like to welcome you all to Anariel Design, my new online home. If you’ve already browsed through the pages of my site (and i hope you have), explored my work, you can probably tell what direction Anariel Design is heading to. This site is created for the people that want to be different, want to stand out, be unique and take their online presence to a higher level.

Internet is very crowded, competitive and challenging maze that tends to be pretty overwhelming for people starting out, but nothing less for those trying to keep tracks. At the same time internet is an ocean of opportunities for those who are willing to take chances. What most people, trying to make it online, need in this somewhat chaotic environment is a clear message and a medium to convey that message.

I think of web design as a medium or a tool to deliver that message to your audience. Therefore what makes premium web design are 4 simple rules: simplicity, effectiveness, uniqueness and user friendliness. Anariel Design, with its distinctive design, is here to help people stand out of the crowd, make them unique yet effective and user friendly.

Life would be no good without friends and i guess you’re all with me on this one. Since Anariel Design is very customer oriented i am looking forward to making a bunch of new friends along the way ahead.

As much as one becomes richer with every new friendship one should not forget his all friends that helped him get so far.So, in this last part i’d like to thank all the people that helped me on my way.

Darius, my dear friend, thank you for suport and for making my first baby steps of web design much easier. Live long and prosper to you my friend!

Creativemouse Image

Web: Creative Mouse

Web: Innovationads

Toni, thank you for creative inputs that made the difference. Merci & au revoir!

Toni Image

Smartik, sorry for stealing your time so many times, but you helped a lot. I love your work. Thanks!

Smartik Image

ThemeForest: Smartik

Jonathan, thanks for great advices! I just love your work!

Jonathan Image

ThemeForest: Jonathan

Virtuti just love your work! Thanks for making such beautiful templates!

Tanya Image

ThemeForest: Virtuti

Syamil, thanks for making awesome SMOF Framework and letting me use it. You are a great help!

Syamil Image

ThemeForest: Syamil

Codrops, thanks for promoting my work. Your site inspires me!

Codrops Image

Web: Codrops

Stefano, thanks for your advices!

Stefano Image

Themeforest: Stefano Giliberti

OrangeIdea, thanks for help!

Orangeidea Image

ThemeForest: OrangeIdea

WPExplorer, thanks for help!

WPExplorer Image

ThemeForest: WPExplorer

Granth, thanks for advices!

Grant Image

ThemeForest: Grant

Thanks to MediaLoot for beautiful icons: http://medialoot.com/item/free-mini-vector-app-icons/

At the end one big thanks to my “partner in crime” for always being on my side and for believing in me. Thanks for working with me on this project, without you i wouldn’t menage! And thanks to my great sister for help!

There are so many people i’d like to mention here and that would make this post muuuuch too long. So to all of you big,big thanks!

4 thoughts on “Distinctive design for unique people”

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  2. Great article.

    Love your site design. Looks clean and very promising.
    Also, I’m glad to see my name here. I really appreciate this.

    Cheers. 🙂

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