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9. Contact Page

This page uses "Default Template" you can find inside the "Page Attributes".

9.1 Left Content Part

First is a featured image you can include but you don't have to. Under the feature image is a page title. Under the page title is the content from the editor.

The contact form itself is built using Contact Form 7 but you are free to use any other working contact form.



9.2 Right Sidebar

To fill it with the content navigate to Appearance > Widgets > Right Sidebar and add your content inside. Plugin "Widget Visibility Without Jetpack" allows you to have different sidebar content on different pages using the same sidebar. That means you are able to have one content inside the right sidebar on the about page and other content inside the right sidebar on the for example "News Page". This gives you a great amount of creative freedom! Read more about it here:http://jetpack.me/support/widget-visibility/