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8. Footer

Pena supports three footer widget areas: Footer Widgets 1, Footer Widgets 2, Footer Widgets 3 and the full width "Footer Menu Widget" block. If you add widgets to any Footer Widget Area they will be displayed on all pages of your website.


8.1 Footer Widgets 1

We used Text Widget with this content in the first column:


8.2 Footer Widgets 2

In the demo we used Text Widget with this content: and Navigation Menu: Social Menu


8.3 Footer Widgets 3

In the demo we used Email Subscribers (Email Subscribers & Newsletters plugin).


8.4 Footer Menu Widget

Navigate to the Appearance » Menu and create a menu. You can name it "Footer Menu".

Navigate to the Appearance » Widgets and drag and drop "Custom Menu" widget inside the "Footer Menu Widget" and select menu you created before "Footer Menu".

* Using the Widget Visibility Without Jetpack plugin feature - Widget Visibility you can show different widgets inside the footer on different pages. Widget Visibility module enables you to configure widgets to appear only on certain pages (or be hidden on certain pages) by using the Visibility panel.