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6. WordPress Customizer


6.1 Introducing WordPress Theme Customizer?

The Theme Customization screen (i.e. "Theme Customizer") allows site admins to tweak the theme settings and see a preview of those changes in real time.

Veggie theme has implemented customizer and added some useful options to help you style theme background, upload image logo and a lot more.

Navigate to Appearance ยป Customize

On the left side, you'll find Theme Customizer with all the options.


6.2 Options

1. Site Indentity

Here you can set the title and the tagline for your site.

2. Logo

This gives you the option to upload image logo instead of the site title and tagline.

3. Header Image

Here you can upload a header image.

4. Background Image

Here you can add a background image.

5. Colors

Here you can change the background color.

6. Custom CSS

Add a custom CSS code to your WordPress site without a hassle.

7. Theme Options

Choose to hide a search box.

8. Widgets

Here you can preview all available widgets on the page you are currently viewing and add or change widgets inside available Widgetized Areas.