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„Empo“ Free WP Theme released for

It`s somewhat self explanatory that if you do something in life you should always try to do it best you can. What could be better for a WordPress themes designer than to get acknowledgment from the founders of the art , themselves.

„Empo“ our new WP theme freebie was validated by strict rules of and it got accepted to be featured on themes site. It is a great news for us, but more importantly for all of you that like and use our themes for it`s a proof that you get WP theme coded to meet the latest industry standards.

Working with the guys at WordPress was also very pleasurable experience as they are very easy going and we definitely share the same values regarding WordPress and work ethic in general.
This way we`d also like to thank them for developing and constantly improving their product.

Ease of use and user friendliness is what we thrive for and „Empo“ freebie is our next step in making our themes easier to use even for an inexperienced user.

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