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“Sweet Life” An Eye Candy WordPress Theme for Restaurants and Cafes

A few things can be so fulfilling as enjoying delicious meal in a great restaurant, tasting the sweetest cake or drinking that perfect cup of coffee in a nice Cafe.Now-days very often our restaurant visits begin with checking the website, especially if we are in a new town. What is a good product worth if it’s not presented in the best light possible!?

Whom is this WordPress Theme For?

This theme can pretty much help anyone build a classy and beautiful site to present a restaurant, cafe or any other business for that matter. “Sweet Life” like all our themes is built with ease of use in mind. Whether you’re a beginner with just basic understanding of WordPress or a skilled professional this theme has a lot to offer.

Is It Responsive?

The world today is mobile and it is almost a must to have a responsive site that is equally appealing on desktop as well as on mobile devices.
“Sweet Life” WP theme has it all. It has the looks to catch an eye, functionality to do what it’s supposed to do and it is highly responsive. So, don’t loose a client on a non-responsive, “looks good on 21 inch monitor” site ever again.
Responsive Design

Customizing Options

Everyone has a vision of how her/his all important website should look like.
These visions most often include favorite colors, favorite fonts, layout options, slider or no slider and other design related details. Most of the changes you’ll ever need are accessible from within the WordPress customizer. It is that simple, choose a page template you like and then choose the colors and fonts you prefer. No extra option panels with an extra learning curve just a good old and well known WordPress interface.
WordPress Customizer

This theme is included in our Premium and WordPress subscription plans.

Hope you’ll enjoy this fine new release!

Thank you for your time!

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