In rural Peña Blanca, Guatemala four young friends experimented & had a hard time with living on just $1 a day. However, togetherness, generosity, love and strength of their neighbors gave them strength and hope to carry on. Inspired with the Peña Blanca villagers and their strength to live and survive gave them motivation to make an impact and help Peña Blanca people.

This is an incredible film about the courage & fight of the 4 college grads living on $1 a day for 56 days in Peña Blanca in rural Guatemala. They sincerity and courage made an impact and helped people in Peña Blanca. Are you ready to make a difference? Please watch the movie, spread the word and get involved.


Rosa, a young Mayan woman with a dream to become a nurse. She dropped out of school cause she had to work in the fields and help feed her brothers. After she got a $200 microfinance loan from Grameen Guatemala Microfinance she started a weaving business. Using the money she earned from weaving business she managed to get back to school. Something so small like a $200 loan made a huge impact in her life and her dream to become a nurse became much closer.

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Chino is a young boy who lives in a one-room house with seven other family members without electricity, they couldn’t pay for it. His father works as a day laborer. Chino is one of the kids who can’t afford to go to primary school and he had to work in the fields to help feed his family. Chino accepted the faith of becoming a farmer but if he could choose he would be a pro soccer player. Chino speaks Kaqchikel, a local dialect, but he wants to learn Spanish so he can find a job.

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Anthony and his wife have 6 children. He is the only one in the village that has a formal job at a hotel and can afford the loan. When Chino’s mother got very sick and Chino’s father didn’t have money to take her to the doctor, Anthony’s generosity saved her life. He gave them money to cover the costs of doctor and medicine. His generosity is a great example for all of us. They have so little but they are willing to give so much.

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