Anthony and his wife have 6 children. He is the only one in the village that has a formal job at a hotel and can afford the loan. When Chino’s mother got very sick and Chino’s father didn’t have money to take her to the doctor, Anthony’s generosity saved her life. He gave them money to cover the costs of doctor and medicine. His generosity is a great example for all of us. They have so little but they are willing to give so much.

Anthony also did so much for the 4 college grad. He and his wife invited & warmly welcomed them to their house. His wife prepared them a special meal, a meal that is normally prepared only 2 times a year on special occasions. She taught them how to use corn (as it is cheapest), make tortillas and showed them how she uses lard. Warm hearts and generosity of this family make them really special and important part of the community.

Anthony continues to do well in his job at a hotel in Panajachel but after almost a decade there, he’s hopeful to advance. He’s always wanted to work for a non-profit organisation and help others. All of his children are sponsored by viewers of the film to receive the supplies and the fees they need to attend the school.