Chino is a young boy who lives in a one-room house with seven other family members without electricity, they couldn’t pay for it. His father works as a day laborer. Chino is one of the kids who can’t afford to go to primary school and he had to work in the fields to help feed his family. Chino accepted the faith of becoming a farmer but if he could choose he would be a pro soccer player. Chino speaks Kaqchikel, a local dialect, but he wants to learn Spanish so he can find a job.

After 4 college grads left Guatemala, Chino, moved to one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Guatemala city to work 100 hour weeks selling dog food. When they returned to Guatemala he proudly told them that he was able to help send his younger siblings to school and feed his family. Chino only has 3rd grade education and is now 15. “Living on one” guys are now working towards finding the way to get Chino back on track to graduate high school. The first step is trying to help him return to Peña Blanca to take Computer, Spanish and Carpentry Classes as part of Mayan Families’ programs.