This is the real world, real people, 4 friends who had the courage to live in extreme poverty & make significant impact.

This theme has been inspired by “Living on One” documentary we watched one night. We were deeply touched and wanted to somehow contribute to the whole project. As theme developers we decided to develop a WordPress theme to help spread the word about it. This is a really special project for us and we built the demo site for the theme using real content that we hope will raise the awareness about the problems in Peña Blanca and spread the word about this great documentary. We would like to thank the Living on One team for allowing us use real photos (just for the website presentation) and info from their website. If this theme demo succeeds to motivate at least one person to contribute to this noble cause it would make us very happy.

There are many different everyday things for which one should be thankful. Simple things like food, clothing, education etc. Unfortunately, most people in developed countries take them for granted. But what if that weren’t so? What if those things were luxury? Are you finding it hard to imagine? Well, Chris and Zack, two similarly brought up young men, had that same problem, but decided to do something about it.

Alongside Sean and Ryan, their cameramen, they flew to Guatemala, to a small village of Peña Blanca to experience it first hand. Their mission was to try and live as poorly as possible for two whole months and as closely resembling the lives of the Indigenous people of the village. They started off optimistic about their endevour, rationalizing every expanse and balancing their daily income so as to survive the best they could. They even planted radishes on their little stretch of land to acclimatize themselves to the life in the village. It wasn’t long before their spirits started withering due to malnourishment and inadaptability. It wasn’t easy to simply switch their hectic daily routine to an inability to even play a fun game of soccer caused by the lack of food to sustain their energy.

Little by little, though, the four of them integrated themselves into the local environment learning and acquiring skills from the villagers in order to better manage their lives. Their primary source of nourishment comes from lard and some homemade tortillas. More than 2/3 of the children are uneducated due to a lack of sufficient funds. Eager to learn but unable to be taught, they take to farming and hard labour from as early as 12 years of age to help their families survive. Yet, one can’t even see traces of sadness or hardship in their eyes.

This is a incredible film about the courage & fight of the 4 college grads living on $1 a day for 56 days in Peña Blanca rural Guatemala. They sincerity and courage made an impact and helped people in Peña Blanca. Are you ready to make a difference? Please watch the movie, spread the word and get involved.


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