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This theme demo is dedicated to raising awareness that animals are sentient beings and should be treated as such. This is often not the case and we still witness a huge amount of unneeded cruelty towards our fellow earthlings. They deserve better.

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Building a better future with care & love for animals

Do you know that every 15 minutes one Elephant is senselessly killed just for their tusk? That leads to more than 30 000 Elephants a year killed for nothing more than a human greed.

Some might say that “they are just animals”, but they are much more like us than you might think. They have the ability to grieve, they are altruistic and will protect the vulnerable. Elephants can be left-handed, gay and as widely known they have really amazing memories. We can help and protect them by really just being what we dare to call ourselves…human.

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How to get involved & help animals to live well

All animals have the same basic needs as humans have. They need safe environment where they can live and they need food and water. Everyone can get involved at the local level and help provide these needs by joining local animal protection organisations. We have to accept that we are not alone on this planet and that our well being greatly depends on the well being of animals that we tend to ignore much to often. Get involved and provide:

  • Waterdrinking water is essential to animals as much as humans.
  • Foodfood is essential to animals as much as humans.
  • Homesafe place is essential to animals as much as humans.
  • Carecaring is essential to animals as much as humans.
  • Medicinemedicine is essential to animals as much as humans.

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Easy solutions to help & save animals

Often we see these gruesome reports of animal cruelty, killing for sport, terrible living conditions in factory farming and we ask ourselves is there anything that can be done to stop it.

Well, it can be done. The easiest step is to start eating less meat and dairy products. We don’t need as much, but well done marketing has made us believe we do. Report all animal cruelty in your neighborhood. Tell your kids that killing an innocent animal is not a sport cause for sport you need two equal opponents. It is simply cruel, barbaric and unnecessary.


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Latest News

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Make me happy

Most of us love dogs and cats and still somehow they are often mistreated by their owners. They are beaten, starved and molested in unimaginable ways. Does anyone think they deserve to be treated like that? No and we can and need to act now.

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Don’t eat me

Over the centuries humans domesticated many animals with the main purpose being producing food. However, these animals are living sentient beings and we should treat them with respect while they are alive. Factory farming is not our future.

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We humans like freedom, but wild animals love freedom too. Wild animals belong to the wild. They don’t belong in a circus. Zoo’s can be educational and bring humans closer to animals, but are often badly maintained and provide poor living conditions.

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Latest Event

20.05.2017 – 14h

Help them live!
Attend our educational event, have fun, learn and donate to save abandoned animals.

This time we have the whole afternoon dedicated to our often neglected fellow beings. Come by and meet like minded people, share your stories and do good. You can donate your time and money to a local animal shelter and adopt an abandoned dog or a cat. Don’t miss out.

  • Waterdrinking water is essential to animals.
  • Foodfood is essential to animals.
  • Homesafe place is essential to animals.
  • Carecaring is essential to animals.
  • Medicinemedicine is essential to animals.

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