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Travel the World with „Passenger“ WordPress Theme!

Where have you traveled lately?

I guess we all like traveling around, seeing new places, meeting new people and learning new things. So, why not share those things with the world in a personal travel blog!?

„Passenger“ is a highly flexible and responsive WordPress theme optimized for travelers.
It is built with the ease of use in mind yet offers powerful customizing options to help you optimize the theme to your own liking.

Clean modern layout and cool features

„Passenger“ theme with it’s clean and modern visuals, specialized features and customizing options makes a user friendly and powerful tool that will help you build your site in no-time. The best of all, your site will look great on any internet capable device. Be it a huge 27” screen or a 4” phone the quality of presentation remains the same.

WordPress Theme for Travelers

Custom page templates, implemented Google maps tool, inspiring “About Me” page solutions and a WooCommerce shop round up this amazing package.

WooCommerce Plugin

Is this the theme for me?

Well, if you like to travel and share you experiences then “Passenger” is THE theme for you!
Even if the travel blogs are not your thing, but you like the vibe and the style of this theme, make sure to check it out cause „Passenger“ has certainly a lot to offer.


Thank you for your time!

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