Smartik thanks post

With a little help from our friends

With every project you, me or anyone else ever started there is always someone who knows something you don`t. Someone who can help you out when you get stuck, someone from whom you can always learn something new.

We had a couple of people that really made things much easier when we couldn`t seem to handle things on our own. In this post we`d like to introduce you one of them.

Smartik is as his name already screams very smart:-), but more importantly great friend that helped us many times with his know-how in programing and web design. He is also very creative indivudal with the great sense of what beautiful web design should look like as you can see for yourselfs if you visit his own site.

We`ve never met him in person, but truth to be told he helped us more than a lot of people we meet in our offline world everyday:-).

If you`d like to explore his work better, be sure to follow this link.

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