Modern Design

Who We Are?

Anariel Design is an online web design agency that is all about matching unique and fresh ideas with simplicity and user friendliness.

What We Do?

We specialize in developing premium niche-oriented WordPress themes and HTML templates and offering professional custom work service of the highest quality and reliability. Beside putting a lot of time and heart into our designs we put as much effort in providing support, giving it a very human and friendly touch.

Unique Design

What We Believe?

Life is complicated enough and we believe that most people need simple yet effective solutions for their online presence. This very philosophy is built into everything we do.

Short Story

Anariel Design was founded by Ana & Marco in the late 2012 and at first it just meant to serve as a portfolio presentation site, but soon after turned into a full-fledged shop site based on a subscription model.

Close and Personal:

Ana photo


...born not so long ago. Creative soul and dreamy . She is totally in love with what she does and spends countless hours perfecting her craft.....sometimes forgets to sleep. Beside webdesign she likes music and dancing above all.

Marco photo


...born a long long time ago. He loves to sleep, but when he's awake he manages logistics and technical side of Anariel Design. Being a professional musician he also brings a lot of happy tones to the office.