Hello, firstly we would like to thank you for downloading "The Thinker Lite - Free WordPress Theme".

Created: 01 December 2014
By: Anariel Design

The Thinker Lite - Free WordPress Theme

"The Thinker" is a perfectly simple blogging theme. It has just enough detail without being flashy and just enough features not to get complicated. Beautiful typography and clean layout are a must for any modern blogger and this is where "The Thinker" excels. It keeps readers focused on the content while creating relaxing environment for the eyes.

Nice responsive behavior keeps that perfect balance across the whole range of internet capable devices. Be it a 4" smartphone, 10" Tablet or a 27" screen this theme will hold its own unique character and content oriented approach.


Thinker features "Jetpack" plugin for WordPress that supercharge your website with the features so far only available for WordPress.com. Special Jetpack feature is "Jetpack Widget Visibility" that allows you to have different sidebar content on different pages using the same sidebar and "Jetpack Portfolio" that is used for the products and showcase page. This gives you a great amount of creative freedom!


1. Getting Started

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information regarding the installation of the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex - http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress

Theme uses basic, core WordPress options (pages,post,categories) to create site that is easy to use even for very beginners. There is no option panel with many settings in it, all available theme options are available from inside the WordPress "Theme Customizer" that allows site admins to tweak a theme's settings and see a preview of those changes in a real time. You'll be able to upload your logo or change the site title and tagline, change background color, upload background image, change header image and more.

This theme uses WordPress feature called "Post Formats". Using "Post Formats" posts can be styled differently and independently of each other.


1.1 Installation

When you are ready to install the theme, you must first upload the theme files and then activate the theme itself. The theme files can be uploaded in two ways:

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it.

After activation, you should see the Thinker Theme as an active theme:



1.2 Plugins used with this theme:

1. "Jetpack" plugin for WordPress that supercharge your website with features until now only available on WordPress.com. This plugin is used for portfolio (products and front page two), tiled gallery, contact form...



1.3 Introducing WordPress Theme Customizer?

The Theme Customization screen (i.e. "Theme Customizer") allows site admins to tweak the theme settings and see a preview of those changes in real time.

Thinker has implemented customizer and added some useful options to help you style the background, colors elements, upload image logo and to write copyright text on your own.

Navigate to Appearance > Customize

On the left side, you'll find Theme Customizer with all the options it contains.



1. Site title and tagline

This gives you freedom to change the title and the tagline for your site.

2. Logo

This gives you the option to upload image logo instead of the site title and tagline.

3. Header Image

This gives you the option to change header image or to remove it. You can use it as a banner, logo or anything else.

4. Background Image

This gives you the option to change background image.

5. Copyright Settings

This gives you the option to change copyright text.

6. Widgets

This gives you the option to preview all available widgets on the page you are viewing and to add or change widgets inside available Widgetized Areas.



1.4 Header Image Info:

To set up, change or delete header image navigate to Appearance > Header and there you'll find the options available for it.