Hello, firstly we would like to thank you for downloading "The Thinker Lite - Free WordPress Theme".

Created: 01 December 2014
By: Anariel Design

10. Credits

We want to thank all the authors of the plugins, icons and scripts that we are using in this theme.

Plugins and icons:

1. Jetpack: http://jetpack.me/ - plugin for WordPress that supercharge your website with features until now only available on WordPress.com. This plugin is used for the widget visibility, tiled gallery, contact form...

2. Genericons: http://genericons.com/



The Images can be bought on Photodune: http://photodune.net/item/happy-businessman-/9300931, http://photodune.net/item/yoga/3551199, http://photodune.net/item/a-yllow-balloon/9325356, http://photodune.net/item/an-old-bike/9287358, http://photodune.net/item/a-photo/8962385, http://photodune.net/item/taking-a-breathe/3325519, http://photodune.net/item/typewriter/6670322