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Full-Site Editing Theme – Clove

Clove is a simple and versatile WordPress Theme, designed for artists. It’s inspired by nature and beautiful, retro illustrations. Clove is a full-site editing WordPress theme that comes with a set of templates and design settings that can be manipulated through Global Styles.


By Ana Segota

Co-founder of Anariel Design - online web design agency that specializes in developing premium niche WordPress themes.


  1. Hello!
    I love this theme and would love to use it for a personal portfolio, however when I install it into WordPress the templates and links seem to be broken and I was wondering if it is due to the fact that it is a bit of an older theme and isn’t compatible with WordPress anymore or if this problem has a solution outside of that

    Thank you !!

    1. Hi Fanny,

      thank you for contacting us.

      Yesterday we released an update for the Clove theme and it should work well now.

      Clove is a bit older theme that we released to test full site editing features when it first came out.

      You can also check our free Bricksy theme that includes FSE features and is more feature rich .

      Hope this helps a bit.


    1. Hi,

      thank you for contacting us!
      Elementor and WooCommerce are two separate plugins and they will both work with this theme.

      Hope this helps a bit.


  2. Hi,
    I am using Clove for my website and I can’t have the page single-product, it doesn’t appear and I can’t even edit it or do something. Is it normal?

    1. Hi Esther,

      thank you for using Clove. There is a theme update where the single-product page is removed. WooCommerce is still not 100% compatible with full site editing, this is why we decided to remove this template. For now, a single product will have a default look. Please let me know if you need more information.

      All the best,

      1. Thank you for your answer!
        I really like this theme and it’s too bad that the single product page doesn’t work, I understand that it’s not compatible with Woocommerce. I can use the default look but unfortunately there is no header or footer on it so the customer couldn’t go back and it’s too bad, do you have any advice for it or should I change for another theme then?

  3. I am using Clove and having an error with using the variable product purchasing function.

    1. Hi Jeffrey,

      not sure exactly what you mean by “variable product purchasing function” as that is not a function that is built into the theme.

      If you’re using a 3rd party plugin to add such a function, please keep in mind that Clove is an experimental theme that explores upcoming full site editing features in WordPress. It is possible to encounter plugin conflict issues and we, therefore, don’t recommend using Clove on a production site.

      Hope that helps a bit.


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