WordPress Interviews: Topher DeRosia

How it is to interview the interviewer? Well, we’re going to find out today. It is my pleasure to say that our guest is Topher DeRosia. Among many other things, he interviews people whose lives were changed by WordPress and shares their amazing stories on his HeroPress site. He is a WordPress developer for iWitness Design and an important member of the WordPress community which is like a family to him. He is also a big WordCamp lover and speaker.

Liber – Premium Restaurant & Bar WordPress Theme

How many times have you seen themes claiming to be multi-purpose lately?

It seems there is a flood of multi-purpose themes in today’s market. However, I still have a hard time understanding what actually this multi-purpose phrase in theme world means. If it means that the theme can be used for any purpose, then every theme is multi-purpose by default.

We at Anariel Design don’t see much weight in the multi-purpose hype other then marketing. So, we continue to develop high quality themes that focus on a certain niche, but do it properly. Therefore, today we are proud to announce our brand new premium niche WordPress theme we named Liber.

WordPress Interviews: Diane Wallace & Mik Scarlet

Today, we won’t only hear one interesting story, as we usually do in our WordPress interviews, but we’ll have a chance to meet two beautiful people that will share their stories with us. It is my great pleasure to welcome a very special couple, Diane Wallace & Mik Scarlet. Diane is a freelance WordPress Theme and plugin developer. She designs and builds beautiful bespoke websites and themes for a living. She is in love with WordPress and huge contributor to WordPress community. Mik is a journalist and broadcaster, and he is running a small & successful access consultancy.

WordPress Interviews : Tammie Lister from Automattic

Today I have a privilege to introduce a very special lady that will share some of the stories from her WordPress journey and beyond. She is a UX Designer at Automattic, member of the Theme Review Team as well as Core and Design Teams. She was one of the organizers of WordCamp Brighton 2016 and WordCamp Europe. She is passionate about open source and contributing back to WordPress project. We are also happy to have met her in person as she is a very nice, simple gal and someone you can learn a lot from.

WordPress Interviews : Sami Keijonen from Foxland

Sami Today we are really happy to have a chance to bring you an interview with our good friend Sami from Foxland. I’d take my freedom to describe him as a warm hearted guy from a cold Finland 🙂 . Beside being a nice guy he is a WordPress theme developer, active member of WordPress community, Math teacher and a huge music fan. I guess we all have something to learn from Sami so we put together a set of interesting questions for the interview that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did.