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7. News Page

Home Page displays your latest posts. This is default WordPress setting.

If you don't want to use latest posts for your home page you can navigate to the Settings > Reading and instead of the default "Front Page - Your latest posts" choose "A static page" and choose appropriate pages for the home and blog page.


7.1 Intro about post and "Post Formats"

Using Post Formats feature we styled each post format differently and added different content as well.

How this works?

First navigate to Post and create new post, for example "Post Format: Standard Sticky".


If featured image is uploaded it will be shown on the top of the content under the title like in this example.

"Post Formats" are available to choose for each post.

What is sticky post and how to choose it?

"Sticky" post always comes out as the first post and it is usually used to highlight an important post. More about "sticky" post can be found here : codex.wordpress.org/sticky-posts.

Inside the box Publish > Visibility you'll be able to choose "Stick this post to the front page".

You can choose whichever post you want for your sticky post.



7.2 Format Quote

To create it, first navigate to Post and create a new post.


This is the code we used for quote:



7.3 Format Image

First navigate to Post and create a new post.



7.4 Right Sidebar

To fill it with the content navigate to Appearance > Widgets > Right Sidebar and add your content inside. Special Jetpack feature "Jetpack Widget Visibility" allows you to have different sidebar content on different pages using the same sidebar. That means you are able to have one content inside the right sidebar on the news page and other content inside the right sidebar on the for example "About Page". This gives you a great amount of creative freedom! Read more about it here:http://jetpack.me/support/widget-visibility/




7.7 Blog Options

In the Customizer's Blog Options panel, under Blog Page, choose the best layout for your site. You can change the sidebar position or no sidebar. You can also hide post meta.