Free jQuery Mobile Template

Free jQuery Mobile Site Template

Trixy – Free jQuery Mobile Website Template

If you are in need for a premium, universally applicable,mobile template that can be used in a variety of niches, from real estate to beauty products, Trixy is your go to solution. It is fresh, appealing and classy looking template that can make your mobile website stand out.

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16 thoughts on “Free jQuery Mobile Site Template”

    1. Hi Grace,

      under the article and social icons you’ll find a download button. Just click on it and template will start to download on your computer.

      Hope this helps.

      All the best,

  1. Hi!
    When i clicked “like” button, no download link appeared.

    ( “Trixy – Free jQuery Mobile Website Template” )


    1. Hi Vittorio, if you don’t get the link after you socialize with us on Facebook, please contact us on email and we will send you download link.


  2. Congrats on your jquery mobile template. It’s beautiful.
    I hope to get a copy. When i clicked “like” button, no download link appeared.
    Please email me download link.

      1. Hi Bjarne, after you click on the facebook button link will show up. If not contact us on the email and i’ll send you the link for download.


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