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How to Design A Logo For Your WordPress Site

A logo serves as the visual representation and identity of your company. As your brand grows, consumers will begin to associate your logo with the experiences they have had with your business. This is why it is so important that your logo represents and communicates the values that are important to you. Large corporations around the world spend millions on surveying consumers on how their brand is perceived. This is for a good reason, a potential customer’s perception of your brand will often be the deciding factor in their purchasing decision. 

While every brand will aim to evoke different emotions in their audience, there are certain best practices you need to maintain. Your logo is only the start of your brand and incorporating your new design into marketing material is just as important as the logo design itself. 

Nowadays, the most common way for businesses to promote their products and services is through their website. This is why we have put together some tips on how you can create a great logo specifically for your WordPress website. 

What are the most important considerations when designing a logo for a website?

Before designing a logo for your WordPress site, you should think about how it will affect the overall design. Try to keep the following in mind.

  • The fonts and tone of the logo will need to be reflected throughout your website. Make sure you choose elements that you can replicate with consistency throughout the site. The font might be the most important consideration here. If you choose a unique font for the logo you will need to make sure this font will look good throughout your content. If that is not the case, you can consider finding a complementary font style. Google Fonts is a good place to start as all these fonts are free and supported by the main web browsers.
  • You want to create a website feel that increases brand recognition, this means choosing a unique color palette for your design. If you intend to use a WordPress theme for your website, play around with it before you even design your logo. This way you can try out colors before you commit to a specific brand look.
  • In many cases, graphics or symbols are used in logo design. Graphics are great because they can help you depict what your website offers. However, a common theme in poor branding is designers or business owners trying to do too much. Try to keep your logo graphic simple so it can be replicated throughout your site and still look good. If the logo does not look good in your footer, it is likely too intricate. Simplicity is memorable, think Apple and Nike!

What are the three types of logos?

There are three traditional logo types – Graphic, Wordmark and Combinations. Let’s talk about each of them.

Combinations. This is the most popular type of logo, over 70% of logos combine a visual graphic along with text. These are popular because it allows designers to visually depict what the company stands for along with the company name for simpler brand recognition. This type of logo is often recommended for WordPress sites because it offers the most flexibility. You can use both elements of the logo, the graphic or text, as a standalone branding piece. For example, you can have the entire logo on the homepage and only use the graphic in the top left corner for inner pages.

Graphic. This type of logo represents the company using only a graphic. Some of the most globally recognized examples for this logotype include Shell and Apple. This sort of design is typically an evolution of branding for very successful companies. Apple can use only their graphic and still be recognized globally, this is not the case for most of us. This is why less than 5 percent of companies use this type of logo.

Wordmark. A Wordmark logo, in its simplest form, is just text. A good Wordmark, however, consists of a custom font that speaks to the overall style and tone of a brand. Samsung is a popular example for this design style and even though Wordmarks are not as flexible as Combination logos, they fulfill one of the most important criteria – they are simple and look great in all formats. 

What makes a good website logo?

A great logo design should be easily and harmoniously embedded into the website’s design concept. The following characteristics will all be present in a great design.

Legibility. Fonts need to be easy to read in any format – whether it is on your website, a business card or a t-shirt. Try to keep the fonts easy to read, no matter what style you choose.

Uniqueness. Making a logo memorable is a necessity if you want to stand out in a sea of competitors. If you are on a small business marketing budget, it is especially important that your logo communicates efficiently. The average consumer visits hundreds of websites per day, so be sure that your logo attracts attention and offers a unique look. 

Timelessness. Stay away from trends! This cannot be overstated, it is easy to be lured into the latest design trends when creating a logo but these hardly ever last. You want to aim for a design that is timeless and looks great 10 years from now without having to spend thousands of dollars on rebranding.

Scalability. If you design a simple logo for your website, the design will automatically be scalable. If you are working with a designer, be sure you obtain vector files (.svg or .ai) so you can produce high-resolution files in any size.

Final thoughts

Whether you hire a designer or do it yourself, be sure to keep in mind the best practices when you’re designing your brand. Design is an important part of a company’s success and making sure that your logo looks great on your website is more important than ever. 

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” Robert L. Peters,  Designer

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By Courtney Milano

Courtney Milano is a web designer with over 10 years of experience with Wordpress. Previously employed at Squarespace, she is now self-employed and shares her knowledge by contributing valuable content to the community.

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