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The Thinker Lite – Free WordPress Theme

“The Thinker Lite” is a perfectly simple blogging theme. It has just enough detail without being flashy and just enough features not to get complicated. Beautiful typography and clean layout are a must for any modern blogger and this is where “The Thinker Lite” excels. It keeps readers focused on the content while creating a relaxing environment for the eyes.

Nice responsive behaviour keeps that perfect balance across the whole range of internet capable devices. Be it a 4” smartphone, 10” Tablet or a 27” screen this theme will hold its own unique character and content-oriented approach.

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By Ana Segota

Co-founder of Anariel Design - online web design agency that specializes in developing premium niche WordPress themes.


  1. This is a nice theme! On my site there is a bar with five shades of gray showing on the right side of the screen, opposite the name of the page. How can I get rid of that bar?

    1. Hi,
      thank you for using our theme.

      You can use this inside the custom CSS:
      .c-pass {
      display: none;

      Hope this helps.

      All the best,

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